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With years of experience Imex Trade LTD now is opened in Netherlands.

Representing very well known brands and with a big portfolio of services, Imex is sure that will be the correct option for walking the path.


Welcome to our world….

Flavors of the Atlantic with the light of the Mediterranean are the inspiration for our designs.

Understanding that a house is a “home” and is the place where we arrive for being our selfs, the final outcome is a collection that will make you feel comfortable in a experience 360 degrees. We have presence in every area of the house: furniture, curtines, bed textil, garden….to accompanying you in your personal project of creating the desire atmosphere of your Home.


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CR Class. Tessa Fdz-Duran. Mamoa. Royal Stranger. Haciendo el Indio. Naturals.


Imex Giving……


We feel and think that we are truly and genuine lucky and it is a must to send back to the society part of what we receive, as a sort of gratitude…..we like to say Thank You and to Support…..Imex collaborate in a permanent mode with UNICEF and Women for Women International….but it is not enough….so it is developing more activities.


Women for Women International

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IMEX Trade ltd.

Imex is the umbrella of a bigger project involving different areas. It was born in 2014 and Africa was the first influence of area because of the involvement of the owner, later Spain and now transferred to Netherlands. It is not only a question of business, it is a question about How do we do businesses….. After more than 20 years of experience in the business world, the owner decides to put in place a dream…..we can support another in growing their businesses and sending back to the society part of what we receive. After a big Enough!!, IMEX germinates……

Why only to sell when you can do more?. Using its parental company, Imex Consultancy, we can support you in part of your growing process. Interested in this, contact us.

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Langestraat 12, 1506 XH Zaandam